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Football Fanatics Worldwide (FFW) was Created by Conrad Lyttle aka Llad72 .

It is a Online Football League For The PS4, When We Say Football We Mean Soccer/Futbal.

There Have Been Many Phases To (FFW) Diffrent Leagues & Diffrent Cups & We Are Now On To Our Transfer League Phase Which I Must Say Is Going Very Well.

We Are A Small FIFA Community With One Goal In Mind To Play The Game We Love As Fairly As We Can By Keeping Within The Rules.

While we are in this Transfer phase I urge anyone that wants to be a part of this League to Add There name to the waiting List, that will be away of getting your foot in the FFW door.

Following the Gameplay Rules to the fullest is another way of becoming a part of FFW and getting a Club in our Transfer League.

Being Active on chat,  being Active by playing friendlys is a way to get a foot in the door so to speak.

You can communicate with any Admin on the PSN in FFW's Community, About  joining are Transfer League.

Admins you should be looking for our Llad72, Yayo336308, Paakay20 & acisles, D3altafox.

Honours and Timeline


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